Hellfire Events Welcomes the Backyard Ultra Community

At Hellfire Events, we extend a warm welcome to the Backyard Ultra Community. Here, amidst the spirit of camaraderie and shared ambition, we offer you a chance to pursue your aspirations in an epic setting that promises to ignite your passion and redefine your limits.


Are You Ready to Push Your Limits?

Do you possess the determination and resilience to emerge as the last person standing? Will you seize the opportunity to secure the coveted Governor's Pardon and leave HMP Hellfire victorious?


Introducing the Inaugural Governor Backyard Ultra

Mark your calendars for October 19th as we unveil the inaugural Governor Backyard Ultra. This groundbreaking event promises an unparalleled experience, challenging participants to test their endurance and fortitude in a setting unlike any other.


Race for Redemption: The Governor's Pardon

In the shadows of HMP Hellfire lies an opportunity of redemption. The Governor's Pardon awaits the last person standing, offering freedom from the confines of the prison walls. Will you be the one to earn this prestigious honor and carve your path to victory?


Join Us and Make History

Don't let this extraordinary opportunity slip through your fingers. Register now and become a part of history in the making. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a newcomer seeking to embark on a transformative journey, the Governor Backyard Ultra awaits, beckoning you to embrace the challenge and leave your mark.

Date: October 19th 2024

Distance each hour: 4.167 miles 

Ascent: 164.6 Metres

Age Limit: 18 years & over

Entry Fee: £98.00 - £100.00

Record Number of Laps: TBC



Citadel Dover



CT17 9DP

The following is strictly prohibited at HMP Hellfire:

1. Lighting fires

2. Smoking

3. Consuming Alcohol 

4. Shortcuts

5. Plotting to escape

6. Betting on animal fights

7. Prostitution

8. Gunfighting

9. Bare knuckle boxing

10. Brewing Moonshine

Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of answers to questions.  If the answer to your question is not listed below, please send us an email: 

Can I camp onsite?

No, there are no camping facilities onsite.  If you are interested in spending the night in a cell the night before the race, please e-mail to register your interest, as this is something we may be able to arrange for a small charge.


Can I park my camper van near to Race HQ?

Yes, there is some campervan parking space available.  Please e-mail for availability.  This is subject to a £10 charge, payable on the day of arrival.


Are there finance options available?

Yes, you can spread the cost of entry if you book directly through our booking system - Eventrac.


Are walking / Running poles permitted?

No, in keeping with the rules of a Backyard Ultra, running aids are not permitted.


What facilities are available in Race HQ?

There will be toilets, microwaves, boiling water, cold drinking water, tea and coffee, sanitary products and bins available in Race HQ.  There will be a small number of tables available.  We suggest you bring your own chairs, cutlery and food.  This is a self-supported race, so please bring anything else you think you might need.  If you have any questions at all, please email


Is fancy dress permitted?

Due to course restrictions and the fact you will be running in close proximity with other runners, we would discourage the use of fancy dress.  We would strongly discourage wearing a large costume, due to the space available on some parts of the course.  If you do wish to run in fancy dress, please get in touch by emailing to discuss prior to race day.


What happens if I'm unable to finish the lap within the 60 minute time limit?

Participants must start each lap on the hour, and they must complete the lap before the start of the next hour.  Should the lap not be completed, the participant will be withdrawn from the event.


Why is there a 60 minute cut off each lap?

In keeping with the rules of the Backyard Ultra format, each new lap must start on the hour, every hour.  


Must I run for consecutive hours/laps, or can I space them out with breaks?

No breaks will be allowed.  Should a participant not be at the start line on the hour for the start of the next lap, they will be withdrawn from the event.


Is the course hilly?

The entire course is undulating, including 4 short, sharp hills which give participants the perfect excuse to have a nice walk.


What kind of shoes do you recommend?

The course is made up of grass and tarmac, so we recommend a trail/road crossover.


Will you provide food and drink for participants?

As part of the Backyard Ultra format, this event will be self-supported, so any nutrition will need to be brought with you and left at Race HQ along with the rest of your kit. We will provide clean drinking water as well as tea and coffee.  


Can I bring a crew with me?

Yes, you can bring along a crew, however we do ask that no more than 2 people are in Race HQ with you at any one time, this is to minimise overcrowding.


Are we allowed to explore the site?

A substantial area of the site is currently not safe for public access.  For this reason, access for everyone involved in the event will be limited to key locations.


Can I bring my dog?

Spectators are allowed to bring dogs, however dogs are not permitted to run any part of the course, nor are they permitted inside Race HQ.  


Is there free parking at the Citadel?

Yes, there is ample parking directly outside of the Citadel.


Where is the Citadel?

The Citadel is located on Citadel Road, Dover, Kent CT17 9DP.


Will my image appear on the internet?

Yes, we will be actively encouraging people to document their efforts on social media.  We will also be posting images ourselves.

Follow us on Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn 


Can I invite people along to spectate?

Yes, absolutely.  We will be creating spectator areas with seating.  Please note that only participants and their crew are allowed within Race HQ.


What time does registration open?

08:00 on the morning of the race.


Will there be food and drink available to purchase?

Yes, there will be the opportunity for spectators and crew to purchase snacks and drinks.  Runners will be unable to leave Race HQ between laps. 


Why is your company called Hellfire Events?

The company was named after its location; Hellfire Corner.


Can I drop out?

Yes, if you feel unable to continue at any point, you may drop out of the event.  Re-entry will not be allowed if you change your mind after the next lap has started.


Can I enter using a team name?

Yes, you can enter using your team/running club's name, however this is not a team event and your results will be listed individually.


Can I raise money for a charity?

Yes, we encourage this.


How will my results be listed?

Everyone entering this event will be listed as DNF except for the winner.  Your result will be ranked entirely on the total number of laps you complete, alphabetically by last name.


Is the running route inside the prison buildings?

The entire running route is outside, mainly within the high walls of the Citadel's Revetment.  Race HQ is inside the main prison block.


Can I bring a gazebo?

Gazebos are not required as Race HQ is inside.


The Tale of the Governor's Backyard Ultra


The challenge was embraced by the prisoners, each seeing in it a glimmer of hope amidst the shadows of their incarceration. They trained in the darkest corners of the prison yard, their footsteps echoing against the cold, unforgiving stone, dreaming of the day when they would taste freedom once more.

As the Backyard Ultra commenced, the air crackled with anticipation, and the prisoners surged forth into the night, their hearts ablaze with the fire of determination. Through dimly lit corridors and echoing cellblocks, they raced, their breath mingling with the whispers of forgotten souls.


But the path to freedom was fraught with peril, for the prison held secrets dark and treacherous, and not all who dared to traverse its winding corridors emerged unscathed. Some faltered under the weight of their burdens, while others succumbed to the despair that lurked in the shadows.


Yet the Governor watched on, his presence a silent specter looming over the event. With each passing hour, he observed the struggle unfold, 


In the shadowy depths of HMP Hellfire, where the prison walls rose tall and formidable, there existed a saga woven into the very fabric of despair – the Governor's Backyard Ultra. Long ago, when the iron bars and stone towers held sway over the hearts of men, the mysterious warden, known only as the Governor, sought a test of endurance and resilience to grant reprieve to the most deserving soul.

It is whispered that once a year, beneath the watchful eyes of the moon and the flickering torches, the Governor would summon forth the hardiest and most indomitable inmates. With a glint of determination in his gaze and a promise upon his lips, he declared that he who could endure 4.167 miles on the hour, every hour, until only one remained, would earn their freedom and the Governor's pardon, a chance to walk unfettered under the open sky.

a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the depths of desperation that lay within the hearts of men.

And when dawn broke at last, casting its golden light upon the world, only one prisoner remained, standing tall and defiant as the victor of the Governor's Backyard Ultra. With a smile upon his lips and a fire in his heart, he stepped beyond the prison gates, a free man once more, his legend destined to endure through the ages, bearing the Governor's pardon as a symbol of his newfound liberty.

So let the tale of the Governor's Backyard Ultra serve as a reminder, dear friends, that even in the darkest of places, the human spirit can soar, and the bonds of captivity can be broken by the strength of determination and the power of hope.

The Governor Backyard Ultra

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